Thursday, 8 January 2009

Does our Daughter Need Medication???

Well Nanna seems to think she might...I don't know what to think really, apart from the fact that we won't be medicating our 2 year old any time soon that's for sure.
Ok maybe I should run through the visit from my hubby's mum last friday.
She arrived about 11.30 and had brought loads of clothes with her as usual (I swear our kids could manage a new outfit for about a month at the moment), most of the clothes were for our son because the next sale had ran out of most of the girls stuff by the time she got there (at 7am) but our daughter managed to come away with a few bits and bobs and she wasn't too fazed by little G getting more clothes than her, well they're not toys are they!
To my eyes big G seemed to be acting well and like her normal self a little excitable but then who wouldn't be at Christmas and with far too many family visits than any of us are used to.
But about 2/3pm big G starts getting a bit grumpy and starts to tantrum so she might get sent to bed. (because its been too exciting for her and she's getting tired). but hubby's mum doesn't mention anything whilst she's at our house she waits a couple of days and then decides to tell us her wondering's on our daughters hyperactivity and asks whether or not we should think about a trip to the doctors for some calming medication. I don't think so.


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