Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Thinking about the New Year…

I know there's resolutions to be had, which I will decide upon later..

But the main decision has to be which way my art work is going to go, and I had a brainwave of doing nude ACEO's, I've always liked painting nudes and seem to do it best so I think that is how its going to be this year....

Nudes, nudes and more nudes...

Monday, 28 December 2009

A Belated Merry Christmas

Well here it is better late than never, hehe.

So I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything you asked for!

Ours was good, a little stressful with all the toys that needed an engineers degree to asemble, and the fact that I went out to buy batteries on Christmas Eve and came back with AA's and all the toys needed AAA or C batteries. Oh well...

But at least we have a giant stash of AA bateries now should we need them...

And I'm super happy that my mum and sister both loved their knitted hats and neckwarmers (my sister also got wristwarmers too).

And the text I got from my sister telling me she had already hung the painting I did for her, was a little worried because I didn't think it looked like Tim Minchin, but she loves it so wahay!

Now I'm just getting itchy fingers to start the 100 books in 2010, I have just got 3 new books that are just screaming "read me" but I must be patient, it's only a week...

Sunday, 20 December 2009

No More School

Well thats it now no more trips to school every day and now I get sick, runny nose, rubbish cough, oh well at least I've got a couple of days to take it easy and recouperate before the big day.

Just wish the kids would sleep a little better....Far too exciting for them!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Cards

My sister made us all some Christmas cards and they have cute pictures on the front and such good limericks inside so I wanted to share them with you. The pictures didn't photograph well but I will keep trying, but for now enjoy the limericks.

There once was a reindeer named Fredrick
Who was unable to fly as it made him sick
The first time he flew
It seems that he threw
His guts up all over Reykjavik

Frosty's a man made of snow
With coal for eyes and carrot for nose
He'll become our friend
But then in the end
He wont say bye when he goes

When we see a cracker in a box
We get so excited we nearly pop
Then it goes snap
And we get a bit of crap
That's only slightly better than socks

There's a Christmas tree that used to be grand
Pride and place ever year it would stand
It was forgotten
And now it's gone rotten
And belongs once again to the land

Santa's a vampire you know
Who lives in a kingdom of snow
He'll feast on your blood
Doesn't care if you're good
Then he'll leave you a gift with a bow

You can follow her on twitter too @emmitunknowing

Saturday, 12 December 2009

100 Books in 2010

So as I was having a little look through entrecard I stumbled on this blog with a challenge for 100 books in 2010.

You can Click Here if you want to sign up. Its one of those Mr Linky thingys and I am far too dumb to get that so instead I will be doing the challenge and I will just keep a log of how I'm doing here. Most of it will be re-reads unless I get lucky from family members for books or book tokens but I do love to re-read anyway so that won't be such a problem for me. Or it may just be the incentive I need to join that library down the street...yes its only down the street and I've only lived here 3 ish years hehe and since September I've practically passed it every day taking G to school but I digress.

I am very excited about this challenge and if nothing else it will be the most fun resolution I could have...

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