Friday, 24 April 2009

Not as Savvy as I Thought

Oh I tried to add my qoop widget to the shop page and pooped it up good and i have to figure out how i managed it and how to set it right

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Oh Dear!

Well it seems I've been neglecting my posts here, I have a recent addiction and it is Lego Batman on ps2. Everything's been going downhill for the past week, it's been all I've thought about, dreamed about.
And I'm quite good at it too.
So my humlest apologies for being super lazy.
For my excuses I do have the kids having super colds blasting snot in every direction they can.
Finally managed to do enough of the loft so I can actually sleep in our bed again.
Got a fair bit done on the garden too now there's only one sleeper left to take out then dig it over and plant the lawn seeds. Woohoo!
Oh and Dub got his first tooth.
And the overdose on chocolate and the subsequent comedown needs a mention too.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Family Update

Well that's the last playgroup for a fortnight, daughter did really well today and was quite chatty with some of the other mums which isn't like her at all so was very proud, maybe it was the potential Easter egg.
Was a bit strange hubby not being around for most of the day as he had to go to his mums, first it was to sort out her cats injections (why she would book the cat in for injections when shes just had a foot operation is anyone's guess). Then it was to move her TV and laptop, and then it was to be a witness for the council because she was allegedly being a bad neighbour to the lady who lives upstairs (whilst she was in hospital?).
I still haven't finished sorting out all the stuff from the loft! And its getting me more and more angry as I am sleeping on the floor in the kids room.
Today I wanted to give the bathroom a little clean, do the pots and some ironing and maybe get through some of the loft stuff but there's little use in trying to do anything with the kids around because one of them always wants something! And trying to get anything done in the kitchen with daughter in the garden is nigh on impossible.
although the previous two days we've been trying to sort out the garden and daughter has been a bit helpful with that. We were going to get a skip for all the rubbish but my life its expensive so the pile of stones I made by the shed on the first day had to be moved back to the bottom of the garden because then at least we can have a lawn by the summer for the kids to play on.

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