Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Well the cheque I was hoping to recieve on Monday hasn't arrived yet so I'm still busy working on the greetings cards so as soon as the cheque arrives/clears I can pop them in my etsy shop. I have four almost five sets done now so that should be good.

We're also in the process of moving the kids into the bigger bedroom so they have more room to play and hubby and I get the small one in the back, so that's been keeping me pretty busy too, especially since both rooms need the wallpaper taking off and painting, why we didn't decorate as soon as we moved in over two years ago I have no idea, but at least its getting done now.

At least Christmas is sorted out family wise so that's one less thing to think about. Now we just have to put the decorations and tree up on Monday and then work on getting the kitchen sorted out if we're having two extra for Xmas, then its just work that I'll have to worry about until the cleaning needs doing hehe...

So tonight I'm going to be finishing up the cards I have done already and adding a few extra to the ones I messed up with paint on the inside of the card oops...But that's OK because I can use them for the postcard exhibition that I think its a bit late for entering this year but I can always get a heads up for next year...


For anyone who's interested in taking part.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Brain Wave

So my dilemma with the greetings cards packaging also means there's little point in doing the Christmas cards as I have no way of packaging them to sell as yet. So I had a brain wave, why not at least make them for friends, neighbours and family members and put the website address on the back, then at least someone might thing ooh these are pretty good I'll take a look and maybe pass on the address to friends etc. So that's what I'm going to do now trace out my images and pop them on some cards to at least keep working.

Apart from that little brain wave todays been interesting, mother in law came to visit which was nice, and daughter threw up all over the sofa and her bed, that was a scary few hours but she was ok by tea time and had some toast and then the usual messing around trying to get her to bed so I think she's going to be fine now hehe. Also got a phone call telling me that my 3 hour course on Wednesday has been postponed until Friday so that gives me a couple more days to get my bank account sorted out, yay...

Now back to work...

One Step Closer

Well what have I been doing with my time since Friday, well yesterday hubby took our daughter on a playdate in Sheffield so they were gone all day so it was just me and our 4 month old son so we spent most of the day with kerrang and scuzz on to see what new music is out there, son loves Paramore and he couldn't take his eyes off the Marilyn Manson "Tainted Love" video.

Got to see the new video from Paramore for the Twilight film was very good and the sneaky bits of film were also exciting, yep I'm so on the twilight bandwagon just like most of the planet seem to be but hey the books great, I've only read the first instalment, as I am saving the other three for Christmas, its hard but its something to look forward too. Also got to see a few songs that I really like but couldn't remember the artist/title so couldn't put them on my online playlist, but I've done that now so now I have some new stuff to listen to when I work.

Work, which is what I should be talking about, so easily distracted today. The work has been put on hold for a couple of days as mother in laws coming to visit tomorrow although she hasn't called to confirm but at least the living room will be tidy for her. Plus whilst hubby and daughter were out yesterday I moved all my art/craft stuff into the cupboard under the stairs so its a lot more easily accessible. But I will need to get a lock to keep daughter out.

I have finished one 5 pack of greetings cards, and almost finished another 2 packs but don't want to list them on etsy yet as I need to get my funding grant to buy the packaging because I want them to be done as professionally as possible or there's just no point really.

But I do have a few paintings that I will be listing before the end of the week I just need to make sure the cameras taken none blurry photos first.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Getting There Slowly

Well I've been busy busy busy, not necessarily all work but it doesn't feel like I've stopped for a while now.

What have I been up to...Well firstly I've been researching which banks it would be best to go with and I'm going to sort that out on Tuesday as I'm in town for an interview, I know another one, also Wednesday I've got a 3 hour course to attend to do with market research and the initial stages of starting my own business. Had my initial funding interview on Wednesday afternoon, it went well and didn't take the full hour like it was supposed to.They never do even the doctors I spend longer in the waiting room hehe.

But I digress, got a few forms to fill in from Wednesday and have to fill a couple of them in by Tuesday so I can get a market research grant, which will be a great boost, means I'd be able to get a lot of work done in one go and put it all in the shop to see if it sells. Very handy.

I've also started phase 3 of the cards, hopefully by the end of tomorrow I will have finished at least one set to put in the shop. I also thought of a few more things I could paint etc. so phase 1 of the new batch is also under way. So its quite good at the moment, with plenty to do and with doing a combination of phases 1,2 and 3 I can mix it up and not get fed up of just tracing images all day and night for a fortnight.

Also hubby's taking our 2 year old daughter on a play date tomorrow so they will be gone all day so as long as I can keep our son quiet or asleep I can get a lot more work done, although we are swapping the bedrooms over at the minute so think that will be the main job I do tomorrow.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Phase 2

As I now have over 73 images to work on although I am still finding more and more to tweek before I adapt them to stage 2 I managed to get some cards and some tracing paper when I left my interview yesterday.

The interview went well but need to speak to the bank before I can go ahead with the course although if the interview next Wednesday goes ok it won't really make my need for the bank to be so great so hopefully it will all work out, if not I'm just going to have to get any old job and save up some cash to keep funding my art and the projects I want to do so then it won't matter if it takes a little while to sell anything.

Anyway back to phase 2, as I've realised I don't have a scalpel any more...Its gone awol somewhere in the house, I need to buy a new one and may as well buy a new cutting board too. So that will be the next purchase, but for now I can work on phase 2 which is getting all the images I have done so far onto tracing paper ready to transfer to card to cut out once I have the tools for the job. Plus I.m thinking of actually painting some of the images onto the cards instead but I'm still a little undecided so doing it this way gives me plenty of time to think about it.

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