Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lost and Teeth

part 1) Lost

So I finally got to watch the first 2 episodes of season 5 and woo its very good, kept mentioning bits to hubby, who just kept giving me the look like I was boring him senseless...but then he does have other things on his mind which brings me to

part 2) Teeth

So hubby's first appointment with the dentist is tomorrow, this will be the first of 2 in a fortnight, this one he's hopefully having 1 tooth out then in a fortnight he'll have another 3 out, he's not looking forward to it as he's a bit nervous.

Personally I go to the dentist for some quality me time so they could take as many teeth as they want I could sit there all day long...Think I might just well be mildly insane...

I'm also supposed to be hardcore cleaning for the royal.....I mean Mother In Law visit on Saturday, well I spent all of 2 hours of Lost last night ironing and there's still a bit to do and I've done some cleaning and tidying in the kitchen...I couldn't remember the last time I could see my P.C. desk and forgot it was a lovely shade of grey....

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hidden Forces at Work

So far I have managed to miss the premiere of season 5 on sky one, mainly because I was late putting daughter to sleep and also wanted to see if hubby remembered it was on, he remembered at 11.30 pm so if I had used the multistart tool i would have missed the first half hour...

And then tonight daughter has only just fallen asleep so I've already missed the first hour so theres no point in my watching it tonight...

There's still tomorrow night and if I miss that I can hopefully watch it on Saturday night before the next episode on Sunday...

Although Nanna is coming to visit on Saturday so hoping that I'll get to watch tomorrow because daughters sleeping pattern always goes a bit nuts with relatives coming...

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Early Night???

Well last night I thought I'd take the night off from everything internet related and get some much needed sleep, so I went to bed just after both kids were asleep thinking...

"Yay I'll get at least 4 hours sleep because the kids don't wake up until at least 10pm"


As soon as I got into bed so started what was going to go onto be at least 6/7 trips out of bed to see to him before the usual 10pm, but then he had just caught a cold so I can't really blame him. But I couldn't believe it and now tonight son has been up once since putting him to bed about 5.30. Oh its such a pain in the bottom I can tell you.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Getting to Grips with Photobucket

Seems at the minute there's always some other site I need to be joining to be able to post images in different places.
Now not only do I have Flickr, but Twitpic and Photobucket too, I'm amazed I have time for anything else with all this. Entrecard has had to take a backseat as I try and juggle everything else that seems to have to fill my time, who says social networking is easy is telling fibs....

Monday, 19 January 2009

Seems Like Forever

Crikey it feels like I haven't written anything in ages,well if you've noticed I've added a few more widgets, (did it all by myself, hubby didn't have to help me once).
Oh and there's a few more cards in my etsy shop, hopefully I'll add the new ones tonight if I don't get sidetracked again. I keep finding more and more widgets and think ooh they would look so nice on my page but then no one would read anything because it would just take too long to load so for now I'm all widget-ed out.
I've been busy working on cards, trying to get the house tidy, but it's a tough job with our daughter following me around and undoing all my good work. I've also applied for a job, only part time but good wages and I really hope I get it but will know for sure by the end of February so fingers crossed again...
I'm also thinking about maybe using artfire I've heard nothing but good things and if I only want to sell 10 things at a time its free membership, which is good to keep costs to a minimum.
Other than that I have a ton of drawings our daughter has made to scan in ready for the next family art Friday, I just wish I had some use for them because if I put them up there will be no walls left anywhere in our house. Any suggestions??
Oh and I was tagged and I still haven't finished writing that one, I'm so dull I can't think of 6 things yet but I'm still working on it...

Monday, 12 January 2009

Not Looking Promising

Well hubby's got a little bit of toothache and daughters been a bit crazy hyperactive all day, so I'm thinking a trip to the cinema to see Twilight might not be happening...Oh Well...

But on the upside my internet connection went doolally and so I managed to do a few more pics...Obviously its working again now and yes all it took was unplugging the cable from the wireless device and then plugging it back in....

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Fingers Crossed....

...That hubby's teeth will NOT be hurting so he is able to look after the kids...
....That daughter has been good enough for daddy to take both her and our son to the deep to see the fishes...
...That I get enough sleep tonight so I don't fall asleep during Twilight's 3pm showing tomorrow...

Yep its been rearranged, my sisters coming to take me to the cinema and I am very excited but a lot can happen during the night, especially with these kiddies...


Daughter has started playing a little rough with little G. She's even taken to hitting him if either me or hubby tells her off for doing something naughty and he's in her local vicinity. If he's not then it could be me, or the walls, or even the furniture that gets a punch.
I've noticed that because he's started to roll over by himself she tries to do it for him even more now, using his mat instead of actually turning him so there's more of a chance that he might get hurt.
Also once he's on his front she thinks she can ride him like a pony...
I mean I know hes 17lb and 8oz (got him weighed on Wednesday) but blimey he's only 6 months old. Oh and when he's in the pushchair and she tries to climb in and sit on his legs oh my life!
I know its a bit of jealousy coming through and I know that most of the time its a healthy thing that she's not afraid to show us she's jealous but after speaking to my mum...
She told me about a family she knew and they had 2 kids about our kids age and the youngest was in the cot with one of his arms poking through the bars and the other child managed to break the arm and the parents had them both taken from them because the social workers thought it was the parents that did it....
I don't want that to happen with our kids.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Does our Daughter Need Medication???

Well Nanna seems to think she might...I don't know what to think really, apart from the fact that we won't be medicating our 2 year old any time soon that's for sure.
Ok maybe I should run through the visit from my hubby's mum last friday.
She arrived about 11.30 and had brought loads of clothes with her as usual (I swear our kids could manage a new outfit for about a month at the moment), most of the clothes were for our son because the next sale had ran out of most of the girls stuff by the time she got there (at 7am) but our daughter managed to come away with a few bits and bobs and she wasn't too fazed by little G getting more clothes than her, well they're not toys are they!
To my eyes big G seemed to be acting well and like her normal self a little excitable but then who wouldn't be at Christmas and with far too many family visits than any of us are used to.
But about 2/3pm big G starts getting a bit grumpy and starts to tantrum so she might get sent to bed. (because its been too exciting for her and she's getting tired). but hubby's mum doesn't mention anything whilst she's at our house she waits a couple of days and then decides to tell us her wondering's on our daughters hyperactivity and asks whether or not we should think about a trip to the doctors for some calming medication. I don't think so.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

First Sale

Well I've done it Yay!!! I've made my first sale on etsy, I'm very excited. Now all I have to do is get more greetings cards done so I will have more to sell. I'll be sleeping happily tonight, not necessarily well but that will have more to do with the kids hehe.

Monday, 5 January 2009

So Tired

Well its almost 8 am and I've been up 3 hours with our son already, daughter should be up a.s.a.p. sp this has to be a quick blog entry I think. Son's rolled over again for the third time this morning, nice to see him doing it without daughters help for a change.

The reason I'm so tired is that son wakes up with out fail anytime between 4am and 6am and the past 2 days daughter has been falling asleep at 4.30pm and then getting up again about 7pm until 11pm/12am so I'm not getting enough sleep obviously. This always happens after Granddad visits and takes daughter out for the day, because she has such a fun time at the park or at the soft play place she gets tired and needs to nap which would be good if she would just go to sleep at the normal time too. Oh well fingers crossed for her early nighting tonight so I can get more work done.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Well we are officially in 2009 now. Hope all of you that have made resolutions haven't already folded and are keeping good on them all.

Anyhoo its been a busy 1st of January in this house we've officially started the hardcore potty training with our daughter unfortunately she decided that she didn't want to use the potty and managed to pee on the floor 3 times. Oh well, we'll try again tomorrow. She'll get there eventually plus we're saving on nappies so thats a definate plus even if I am on constant clean up. At least she's doing in in the middle of the room on the laminate flooring and not on the sofa or near the tv etc.

We also took our tree down this afternoon, well both me and hubby were getting a bit grouchy with the constant excitement from the kids even though santa's already been this year. (Think daughter was expecting more gifts to miraculously appear).

Plus with the living room back to normal hubby can relocate his pc back downstairs so I get some company in the evenings when he's working on his blogs etc.

Also been sorting out the kitchen on and off for most of the day although hubby did say I wasn't to go on here until I had done the pots hehe.(I have done them though).

Feel tired but good tired for getting so much done even if theres still loads to do but nanna's coming to visit the kids tomorrow and hopefully I'll get an appointment at the dentist so it won't be so bad if I'm out of commission for a few days.

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