Monday, 19 January 2009

Seems Like Forever

Crikey it feels like I haven't written anything in ages,well if you've noticed I've added a few more widgets, (did it all by myself, hubby didn't have to help me once).
Oh and there's a few more cards in my etsy shop, hopefully I'll add the new ones tonight if I don't get sidetracked again. I keep finding more and more widgets and think ooh they would look so nice on my page but then no one would read anything because it would just take too long to load so for now I'm all widget-ed out.
I've been busy working on cards, trying to get the house tidy, but it's a tough job with our daughter following me around and undoing all my good work. I've also applied for a job, only part time but good wages and I really hope I get it but will know for sure by the end of February so fingers crossed again...
I'm also thinking about maybe using artfire I've heard nothing but good things and if I only want to sell 10 things at a time its free membership, which is good to keep costs to a minimum.
Other than that I have a ton of drawings our daughter has made to scan in ready for the next family art Friday, I just wish I had some use for them because if I put them up there will be no walls left anywhere in our house. Any suggestions??
Oh and I was tagged and I still haven't finished writing that one, I'm so dull I can't think of 6 things yet but I'm still working on it...


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