Monday, 5 January 2009

So Tired

Well its almost 8 am and I've been up 3 hours with our son already, daughter should be up a.s.a.p. sp this has to be a quick blog entry I think. Son's rolled over again for the third time this morning, nice to see him doing it without daughters help for a change.

The reason I'm so tired is that son wakes up with out fail anytime between 4am and 6am and the past 2 days daughter has been falling asleep at 4.30pm and then getting up again about 7pm until 11pm/12am so I'm not getting enough sleep obviously. This always happens after Granddad visits and takes daughter out for the day, because she has such a fun time at the park or at the soft play place she gets tired and needs to nap which would be good if she would just go to sleep at the normal time too. Oh well fingers crossed for her early nighting tonight so I can get more work done.


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