Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lost and Teeth

part 1) Lost

So I finally got to watch the first 2 episodes of season 5 and woo its very good, kept mentioning bits to hubby, who just kept giving me the look like I was boring him senseless...but then he does have other things on his mind which brings me to

part 2) Teeth

So hubby's first appointment with the dentist is tomorrow, this will be the first of 2 in a fortnight, this one he's hopefully having 1 tooth out then in a fortnight he'll have another 3 out, he's not looking forward to it as he's a bit nervous.

Personally I go to the dentist for some quality me time so they could take as many teeth as they want I could sit there all day long...Think I might just well be mildly insane...

I'm also supposed to be hardcore cleaning for the royal.....I mean Mother In Law visit on Saturday, well I spent all of 2 hours of Lost last night ironing and there's still a bit to do and I've done some cleaning and tidying in the kitchen...I couldn't remember the last time I could see my P.C. desk and forgot it was a lovely shade of grey....


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