Friday, 14 November 2008

Getting There Slowly

Well I've been busy busy busy, not necessarily all work but it doesn't feel like I've stopped for a while now.

What have I been up to...Well firstly I've been researching which banks it would be best to go with and I'm going to sort that out on Tuesday as I'm in town for an interview, I know another one, also Wednesday I've got a 3 hour course to attend to do with market research and the initial stages of starting my own business. Had my initial funding interview on Wednesday afternoon, it went well and didn't take the full hour like it was supposed to.They never do even the doctors I spend longer in the waiting room hehe.

But I digress, got a few forms to fill in from Wednesday and have to fill a couple of them in by Tuesday so I can get a market research grant, which will be a great boost, means I'd be able to get a lot of work done in one go and put it all in the shop to see if it sells. Very handy.

I've also started phase 3 of the cards, hopefully by the end of tomorrow I will have finished at least one set to put in the shop. I also thought of a few more things I could paint etc. so phase 1 of the new batch is also under way. So its quite good at the moment, with plenty to do and with doing a combination of phases 1,2 and 3 I can mix it up and not get fed up of just tracing images all day and night for a fortnight.

Also hubby's taking our 2 year old daughter on a play date tomorrow so they will be gone all day so as long as I can keep our son quiet or asleep I can get a lot more work done, although we are swapping the bedrooms over at the minute so think that will be the main job I do tomorrow.


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