Friday, 7 November 2008

Phase 2

As I now have over 73 images to work on although I am still finding more and more to tweek before I adapt them to stage 2 I managed to get some cards and some tracing paper when I left my interview yesterday.

The interview went well but need to speak to the bank before I can go ahead with the course although if the interview next Wednesday goes ok it won't really make my need for the bank to be so great so hopefully it will all work out, if not I'm just going to have to get any old job and save up some cash to keep funding my art and the projects I want to do so then it won't matter if it takes a little while to sell anything.

Anyway back to phase 2, as I've realised I don't have a scalpel any more...Its gone awol somewhere in the house, I need to buy a new one and may as well buy a new cutting board too. So that will be the next purchase, but for now I can work on phase 2 which is getting all the images I have done so far onto tracing paper ready to transfer to card to cut out once I have the tools for the job. Plus I.m thinking of actually painting some of the images onto the cards instead but I'm still a little undecided so doing it this way gives me plenty of time to think about it.


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