Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Well the cheque I was hoping to recieve on Monday hasn't arrived yet so I'm still busy working on the greetings cards so as soon as the cheque arrives/clears I can pop them in my etsy shop. I have four almost five sets done now so that should be good.

We're also in the process of moving the kids into the bigger bedroom so they have more room to play and hubby and I get the small one in the back, so that's been keeping me pretty busy too, especially since both rooms need the wallpaper taking off and painting, why we didn't decorate as soon as we moved in over two years ago I have no idea, but at least its getting done now.

At least Christmas is sorted out family wise so that's one less thing to think about. Now we just have to put the decorations and tree up on Monday and then work on getting the kitchen sorted out if we're having two extra for Xmas, then its just work that I'll have to worry about until the cleaning needs doing hehe...

So tonight I'm going to be finishing up the cards I have done already and adding a few extra to the ones I messed up with paint on the inside of the card oops...But that's OK because I can use them for the postcard exhibition that I think its a bit late for entering this year but I can always get a heads up for next year...


For anyone who's interested in taking part.


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