Monday, 17 November 2008

Brain Wave

So my dilemma with the greetings cards packaging also means there's little point in doing the Christmas cards as I have no way of packaging them to sell as yet. So I had a brain wave, why not at least make them for friends, neighbours and family members and put the website address on the back, then at least someone might thing ooh these are pretty good I'll take a look and maybe pass on the address to friends etc. So that's what I'm going to do now trace out my images and pop them on some cards to at least keep working.

Apart from that little brain wave todays been interesting, mother in law came to visit which was nice, and daughter threw up all over the sofa and her bed, that was a scary few hours but she was ok by tea time and had some toast and then the usual messing around trying to get her to bed so I think she's going to be fine now hehe. Also got a phone call telling me that my 3 hour course on Wednesday has been postponed until Friday so that gives me a couple more days to get my bank account sorted out, yay...

Now back to work...


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