Tuesday, 2 December 2008

1st Day of Xmas

Well officially its now the 2nd of December now but hey, if I'd have realized how late it was I probably would be asleep by now...

Been so busy, trying to swap our bedroom with the kids so they have more room for their toys and we can put our son in the den safe to roll around out of our daughters way, its cute that she likes to hold his hand but he does need a little space once in a while. Plus I keep falling over her little trampoline in the living room, thanks go out to Granddad for buying that for her and it hasn't stopped her bouncing on everything else...

Have to have that finished by tomoro so hubby can move his pc upstairs...Think he's trying to tell us something, hehe. But then the Christmas treee can go in his corner and not in the window like we'd previously decided. We changed our mind because of

A) I'm afraid the radiator might melt the tree


B) We have blinds and don't really want everyone seeing in our house at night or pulling the tree out so we can have the blinds down and not being able to see the T.V.

I'll be glad when thats all done then I just have to concentrate on the kitchen and bathroom and then I'm done for a little while. It doesn't help that we're still a little unsure whether we'll be having extra visitors for Xmas and probably won't know until the last minute so the food shopping might be a little nightmare.

Work wise I've been finishing off a couple of new greetings cards sets and got a phone call last week and should get my check by the end of this week so I'll be able to buy the packaging and get them listed on Etsy.

So watch this space...


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