Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Happy 2nd of December

Well today it snowed again yippee and oh no all at the same time, yippee because I thought I would be staying indoors, oh no because I realised me and teeny weenies had to get some bread and sugar from the local shops...There were a almost a few comedy slides but I managed to remain upright maybe it was the push chair that helped.

Hubby got his X ray done ok ready for having his teeth pulled on Thursday. Thursday is a busy day son's having injections aswell in the morning and weather wise we're supposed to have a blizzard.

Work wise I've been mulling over different things in my mind whilst doing household chores and watching hercules for about the 15th time this week, gotta love the 2 year olds hehe.

I'm in the process of getting myself a photo diary made with my digital art and was thinking of having a giveaway/competition for one of them. I will be running the comp from January the 1st so if anyone has any suggestions either comment here or message me through twitter....



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