Sunday, 7 December 2008

7th December Already

Well we have 17 days left until the big day well 18 if you want to include Christmas day in the count and just a few more gifts left to buy.

Well today the kids and I walked all the way to Asda and back for some shopping, its Sunday and the low floor buses don't run so I'm glad I decided to walk home and not sit and wait at the bus stop, anyway I digress...We bought some more chocolates for under the tree, pjs and colouring books for hubby's friends daughter, (had to get a couple of colouring books for our daughter too), kids are so good at pressure buying hehe...Had a check in the book section managed to get eclipse for my sister, so only need to get the other three twilight books from somewhere, and bought some bubble bath and bath scrunchies to finish off the toiletry baskets I'm doing for relatives, I think next year I'll be using etsy for that because there are so many wonderful shops on there, and I'll be getting it all done even earlier, just so I don't forget anyone.

Just gotta wait now for the calendars to come, which I will do again next year also getting them done early so I can save even more cash on getting the super slow delivery, and also sort out the diarys early as I'm wondering if I'm leaving those a little too late for this year.

But first things first I have to find or make a nasty Xmas jumper pattern so I can make the four of us matching jumpers for Christmas day...That would be so good.


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