Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Cards

My sister made us all some Christmas cards and they have cute pictures on the front and such good limericks inside so I wanted to share them with you. The pictures didn't photograph well but I will keep trying, but for now enjoy the limericks.

There once was a reindeer named Fredrick
Who was unable to fly as it made him sick
The first time he flew
It seems that he threw
His guts up all over Reykjavik

Frosty's a man made of snow
With coal for eyes and carrot for nose
He'll become our friend
But then in the end
He wont say bye when he goes

When we see a cracker in a box
We get so excited we nearly pop
Then it goes snap
And we get a bit of crap
That's only slightly better than socks

There's a Christmas tree that used to be grand
Pride and place ever year it would stand
It was forgotten
And now it's gone rotten
And belongs once again to the land

Santa's a vampire you know
Who lives in a kingdom of snow
He'll feast on your blood
Doesn't care if you're good
Then he'll leave you a gift with a bow

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