Friday, 13 February 2009

Dental Appointment...

Well that's hubbys dental appointments done now, he had one tooth out a fortnight ago and was meant to have three out today but came away with only having two out, a wisdom and the accompanying molaral on the bottom left hand side. They both got stitched so hopefully he won't have any problems with bleeding. But with having them stitched it will take three weeks for them to disappear.

I went with him to town because he doesn't like the injections and he was a bit worried about it but he was fine with me going to tesco's for some shopping which was very liberating not to have the kids in tow, (my mum came to sit with them while we were out), I don't get to do a lot without them so even just shopping for a few groceries was very strange but I managed to get everything I meant to which usually doesn't happen with the kids there...

The kids are still full of cold too so it was good that they didn't come because as soon as we got to the bus stop it started to snow, its stopped now so I'm betting that our trip out to the local shops in the morning will be nice and icy for us. Although it is amusing watching our daughter slide around on the iced over puddles, she looks like the roller skating spider from Harry Potter.

Now I've just got to print off some valentine images for daughter to colour in and make some cards for daddy and brother and whoever else she decides on making them for.


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