Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Communications Breakdown

So Nanna's been wondering if our daughter likes her because she says
"What's That!" at everyone and everything, but then nanna only comes once a fortnight or even less so how would she know.
(she'll be here this weekend)
And Saturday saw granddad and his wife come to take daughter out for the day. We've had problems with communication with them in the past and it seems its still going on.
Daughter told them she wanted to go see the animals in the park, which they did but they took her to the playcentre first and I would have thought that they would have taken her to the park first, but I guess that's neither here nor there really in the whole scheme of things.
What I did find interesting was that on Sunday I took the kids to the shops and daughter started getting nasty about me holding her reins (there's no way she's walking by herself as she would run into the road), and it got me thinking, it always seems to happen after they've been.
Fair enough she won't need them going from their car to the playcentre, but what are they doing in the park...
So I asked our daughter and apparently they don't use the reins but a wrist strap that the wife bought and I adamantly refused to let her use it on our child.. (see wrist strap post)
Now I know kids get confused and she might have got it all wrong and misunderstood what I was asking her, but I'm not totally sure on that because the wife was really put out by my not wanting her to use them.
But if it turns out they have been then maybe they will have to spend the day at our house in future.
And hubby and I will have to take her to these places on weekdays instead.


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