Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today's been interesting, exhausting, fantastic.
It started early 6am (usual time for the kids though, so no worries when they reach school age), hubby gave our daughter the cards and book to give to me, she wanted to keep the cards. Bless her. We made a deal and she got the envelopes to draw on.
I got Keri Arthurs " Dangerous Games" which is the only one of the Riley Jenson series I am missing until the new one gets released, so once I've read this one, I have to go through boxes of books to find the Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas series as I have the 4th one to read and then I will read the Keri Arthur ones in order, and then the third Dean Koontz Frankenstein will arrive in April so I will re read the first 2 of those and then the third then I will be about ready for some new books for my birthday in August.
Anyway to go back to what I was saying, I made pancakes for breakfast for us all and they were fantastic, they were flat and cooked right and everything, not the usual mush I end up with!
Kids were getting a bit crazy and whiny on and off all day so we went in the garden for a bit, then had a walk to the shops ( I desperately needed some sugar so I could get my coffee fix).
Then I thought I'd make some bread, well we had ran out and I forgot to buy some at the shops and we had the ingredients.
Hubby enjoyed it so much he thinks I should make it everyday. So that was really nice.
And then I got an email from the lady at the local brownies/guides branch as I'd requested some info on helping out. Looks really fun so I'm definitely going to go for it.
Son's had some rosy cheeks all day and was really grumpy at bedtime so he might be finally getting a tooth soon, boy at playgroups 2 months younger with 2 teeth already, but when they come they come, I'm not that eager to rush the long tearfilled nights and drool that come with teething.


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