Saturday, 28 March 2009

Joseph Beuys

I don't really know a lot about Joseph Beuys, I found his name on a scrap of paper with a list of artists I should have a look at from when I was at University (10 years ago). SssHHH! I've only just looked up most of them. Beuys being one of them. And now I wish I had looked him up a long time ago, I used to believe that being a naive artist was a good thing, but thats more of an excuse as to how lazy I was.
Any way enjoy the Beuys. Click Here for Wikipedia.


Paul Baines said...

Joseph Beuys is/was the man! I love his work, actually he was rather an eccentric, the one time he visited the USA he refused to put his feet on the ground and they had to fly him in then send him over to a show via a helicopter and pick him up afterwards. What's more he insisted on being accompanied by a white wolf. If only I could be as picky heh.

pjamarama said...

Ahh maybe I'm doomed to failure with only aspirations of a cleaner!
Wonder what he did at the actual show....maybe he thought the floor wasn't USA soil....Hmmm

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