Saturday, 9 January 2010

Well everyone else is doing it…

What's that you ask...Its the bloody snow , everywhere I turn someones talking/blogging about it so I thought I'd add my thoughts.

Firstly I'm sick of it, especially with G back to school and having to cart dub in his quinny pushchair, its like a rollercoaster for him.

(Even without the snow I hate that pushchair, the brakes don't work properly and the raincover doesn't fit right.)

Anyway even with my pushchair driving skills being poor at the best of times its been like having a forty five minute walk over a beach its been a nightmare, although the first day was the worst because the snow kept sticking to the wheels and then they would jam up and it would be sliding with a mound of snow in front of each wheel.

And then with G wanting to hold hands too so I'm pushing the 3 wheel death trap one handed, well I think even Jesus would curse like a sailor all the way there and back.

But I can feel the burn in my arm muscles and legs so it can't be all bad...

Well G starts the journey a little over excited making snowballs and running around and then burns herself out before we get halfway... Then she walks all duck footed because she thinks her feet are wet when they're just cold... Oh its a fun packed trip to school.

I did wish it would stop snowing today so I could go out and make a snowman but the kids just won't hang out outside if its blowing in their little faces. G has been wearing my sunglasses to stop the snowflakes getting in her eyes. She does look funny.

I haven't fallen over yet so thats definitely in the pro section, G has a few times but nothing too major so wahay!

Hope its a little warmer tomorrow so we can go out in it and play without having to go to school or to the shops, although knowing my luck we will need milk again...


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