Saturday, 26 February 2011

Xmas,New Year and various sicknesses

So its been a while!...I hope everyone had a fantastic Xmas and New Year, we did but ever since hubby came down with tonsillitis in between the two it seems like the sick bugs have been rife in our house, G and I had throat infections then it was back to school and the nit problems that just seem to love our daughter just don't seem to be letting up. Its a definate case of vigilance on that one that's for sure.
The past fortnight its been eye infections with the kids going from G to Ted and now Dub came out with it last night. And if that wasn't the worst hubby has just got over another throat infection and I'm feeling like I could be coming down with it too, which has really knackered my half term week of cleaning.
Oh well, but on a lighter note Ted is now 7 months and has slept through 5 whole nights not together but he's getting there...


FishHawk said...

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