Monday, 29 August 2011

My ten things to do this week!

Ok so I thought I would start listing the things I need to do in a week on here then maybe I will get at least some of the things done!

1.Finish my mums daffodils for her xmas gift.
2.Finish knitting G's monster slippers.
3.Make Dub some car slippers.
4.Finish bumble bee phone case.
5.Recycle a top and a dress to make 2 skirts.
6.Take donations to the local charity shop.
7.Take the library books back.
8.Write up at least 2 book reviews.
9.Finish amiguru lollipops.
10.List,promote and make new things for my etsy shop.

That should keep me busy, not to mention the housework and making sure the kids have everything they need for school!


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