Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Using the Gothic font, just to get into the mood of Halloween just that little bit more, well I hope everyone has a good night whatever you decide to do.

Ours is a bit of a wash out weather wise as well as not.

The day really started at 3am...when our daughter decided that she didn't want to sleep any more, well at least it gave us plenty of time to get ready to going out to the shops...

So me and the kids took a trek to the supermarket this morning to get the sweeties for the kids and to get the fireworks in time for Guy Fawkes night. It takes an hour to get there walking and I was super tired by then too.

We got so wet. Daughter wanted to go in her sleeping beauty princess dress and then wanted to splash in puddles on the way home...So that was one costume change our daughter had. Good thing Grandma and Auntie Lil came to visit yesterday and brought her another 2 dressing up outfits.

Once home though we all went for a nap leaving hubby in peace to watch the news.

Once we got up again realised we had run out of milk so off me and the teeny weenie's went to the local shops for some milk. Saw a couple of houses with decorations up and passed a few kids in costume, they looked pretty good. I do prefer it when they make an effort whether store bought or home made, it makes me feel better about giving them the sweets when they've tried.

Feel a bit let down now its after 8pm and we missed one group of kids while we were getting the milk and we've just had a couple of kids from our daughters playgroup come T.O.Ting, they were by far the best dressed kids, 2 girls and one boy, the 2 girls were little witches aged almost 3 and almost 2 and the boy is about 4 or 5 and he looked like a zombie or a mummy, they've only just been at the door and I can't remember he he I think I need more sleep...

Right then better get some work done, gotta try to figure out how to save pictures to pdf documents and to make sure I put them in the right size. Sounds simple but ooh its not...


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