Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Crazy Days

Phew its been a crazy start to the week, been so busy. Hubby's had toothache and a swollen face from an infection so I've had to keep an eye on him hopefully the swelling will go down tomorrow then he can eat something. And because he's unwell the kids seem to want even more attention just to get me as burnt out as quickly as possible.

Managed to get a little bit of painting done last night in between making sure our daughter stayed on her bed and checking on my hubby asleep on the sofa. I just wish the paint I have would go on smoother than it does, I don't mind brush strokes on my work but the paint seems to be so thin and won't cover my pencil underneath unless I do about 30 coats... oh well, better get the stuff out to do some more. Might have to cancel my interview tomorrow and rebook it for another day once hubby's had his tooth out, its so much harder trying to sort out things like appointments when there's 3 other people in the mix, but I wouldn't change it for the world...


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