Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Playgroup Xmas Party

Phew just got back from the playgroups Xmas party and I hardly did anything but they don't half wear me out watching all the kids running around and chasing balloons. Daughter had a great time, she even sat with the other kids at the table when they were eating, which she didn't do last year, so I was very proud of her for that. The only problem with the Xmas party is that daughter got so tired she had a nap this afternoon. it's always a worry as she doesn't fall asleep until about 3pm and then wakes up about 5pm for tea time and then it takes hours and hours to get her to go to sleep, especially now the kids are sharing, I have to be there just in case she doesn't try to wake son up once he's asleep.

Although she does keep picking at her snotty nose and wiping it on her face so she looks like she's wearing a comedy moustache...

I've made a decision with regards to the doodle paintings, the background on a couple of them will be a very basic cartoon style and the others I will paint a more realistic background, especially for the fish.

I'm quite excited about the challenge especially with using acrylics as I've done similar in oils before but never in acrylics. And with having two little ones I don't really want paintings drying all over the house and the smell from the turpentine about.

I'm even excited about the potential mixing paint challenge, as I am useless at it at the best of times but if the end result is anything like what I have in my head then it will turn out quite well.

And I've managed to download a few potential backgrounds so if I can just keep the kids asleep I'll be able to start one on the spare canvas I have.


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