Thursday, 18 December 2008

This Time Next Week and it'll all be Over!

I'm not trying to wish the week away far from it I have so much still to do housework wise that I can't believe it is only just 1 week...and with the kids not sleeping properly, last night I managed 5 hours sleep and that was good. The night before I had 2 and a half, was up at 2.30 am and that was the beginning of my day....But my printer has arrived...its still in the box though, and all the presents are here apart from the photo diaries for my mum and sister, but they both have other gifts so won't be too bad if they're late.
I've also already made a start on my new years resolution of entering more open exhibitions, I've ordered the January issue of the artist and I've signed up for emails from the artist newsletter. and once my diary has arrived I'll be pencilling everything in.


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