Saturday, 20 December 2008

Home Alone....

Well not quite. Hubby's gone to watch the Harlequins against Northampton rugby today, left about 7.30 this morning and won't be back until tomorrow. Daughter keep asking where he is so if I say he's gone to the rugby with his friend, she replies...
"I want to play with Caitlin"
So then I have to explain that shes not there but after about half an hour she asks
"where's daddy?"
and around and around we go.
Trying to get stuff done with both the teeny weenies wanting attention is proving a little difficult although the trip to asda this morning went without too much of a hitch. (I forgot my list though). And they didn't have the trolleys with half baby chair and half for toddler to sit in so daughter was riding where the shopping was supposed to go, and managed to open sons pack of socks so we almost left with odd socks.
Hubby's just rang he's at the rugby and I've explained about our son being sick everywhere earlier. He did it yesterday too just as we were getting off the bus to go home so phew at least it was only round the corner.
Got a feeling the photo diaries I ordered for my mum and sister won't arrive on Monday when they come to visit so I'm glad I've got them other gifts.
Sister's going to go with me to see Twilight too, well she works at the Odeon in Huddersfield so then at least we can get in for free yay.
I can't wait...Especially since I thought I might have to wait for it to come out on dvd so I'm even more excited. Hubby said he didn't mind being left at home with my mum and the kids so woohoo...


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