Friday, 20 February 2009

Grandparents Day is almost upon us again

Has it only been a fortnight since granddad and his wife came to visit, it seems to have flown by but then we have had grandma and nanna come to visit (not together) and then we had the gas man checking the fire and boiler for their yearly check-up, (ok so I tidied and cleaned both the kitchen and the living room to perfection for the Tuesday gas man visit and the house is trashed again, the kids bedroom and the bathroom are the only rooms to have missed the hurricane).
And we had a family outing to asda the other day too, that was a good day its not often hubby comes out with me and the kids it made a very nice change and I picked up some exercise books for writing notes in and also odd hours by Dean Koontz, so it was very worthwhile, don't worry hubby only spent just over £3 on those so I wasn't breaking his wallet straps.
Plus I even won some cash on the bingo last night so I can pay the electric bill and a little spare to buy some art supplies, which is good as I found some landscape pictures on the net from my home town of Wainfleet and am very excited about doing some of them on canvas.
I am going to do a couple using first, just to see if my idea will work, but I think it will.
I've also been looking at Photofuse canvas making kits, wondering if the family would appreciate them and will it be good value for money.


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