Saturday, 21 February 2009

Granddad's been and Gone

Well today was a little easier than normal the wife didn't come with granddad for his visit so hubby had to go out with him and our daughter, don't think granddad would have coped by himself.
It was good for me because it meant hubby could pick up the nappies we desperately needed, saving me a trip to the shops, I could watch what I wanted on the TV for a change, son and I partook in a little bit of rocking out to the Kerrang music channel.
Also it meant I could get a little housework done, i really don't like doing it when everyone else is about, under my feet or making me feel jealous because they're playing video games....Not that I get this choice very often. But the stairs look wonderful now, I lost the special attachment for the dust buster so had to do it with the dustpan and brush...At least my arms got a work out if nothing else.
And even better granddad paid for the nappies so we have a little more cash now than we thought we would have.(If the wife was with them he doesn't usually pay for stuff) But they do take our daughter out once a fortnight so I am grateful for that.


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