Sunday, 8 February 2009

One Dragon's Dream...

I've just read this children's book to our daughter to help her go to sleep, read it about 12 times until she finally fell asleep.
It made a nice change to the usual menagerie of story books that I have to get off the shelves, also by the tenth read through I had it memorised.
It's by Peter Pavey, and our version was published in 1979. (I've just had a look on and its only for sale through third party sellers at about £20 - £30 so when my mum bought it for £3.95 back in the day she was getting a pretty good bargain.)
And not only is it a great bedtime story its fantastic for helping kids learn to count too, as each page is numbered one to ten throughout the story and each corresponding page there are lots of things to count and find, a bit like where's wally but with amazing illustration.


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