Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wrist Straps for Kids

O.K. so I'm probably not the only parent that worries about their child's safety especially when they're out for the day with grandparents etc. But earlier when granddad and his wife came to take daughter out for the day, the wife mentioned that she already bought one of the wrist straps for our daughter so they don't have to use the reins on her when they go to the park. Now I must have been talking in a different language about how I personally don't think they're very safe, it's just a personal opinion granted, hubby feels the same, and yet the look of utter contempt and disgust at my not wanting them to use the wrist strap was priceless. I forgot to even mention the comfort factor which has only just occurred to me. But either way I thought I was talking sense and not sounding like a crazy hysterical woman, but then I've just had a look at prices online so that could be why I got the look, as they cost between £4/£5 where she bought them from....So maybe she should have asked first and I just hope she kept the receipt...


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