Monday, 23 February 2009

Potty Training

Well since xmas we've been trying to potty train our daughter, she's 4 months away from her 3rd birthday and so far we've been a little lazy but today we stepped it up a gear and oh my life! I've spent most of the day elbow deep in tinkle.
We have 2 incentives for her actually getting on the potty.
1) An upsy daisy dress up doll she saw when we were grocery shopping in asda last week
2) Nanna's bringing Easter eggs on Friday, (if she thinks they'll make it until April she's just a little crazy)
She seems to grasp the concept that once she's reached a specified number of times using the potty she will get the doll.
Does the bribery work....Not so much hehe, although she has managed to use it twice and there was six other failed attempts along the way so hopefully the ratio will improve.
One thing though when I was trying to tell her that she needs to sit on it before she thinks she's going to tinkle, I'm not sure if she understood what I was going on about or that she really doesn't know that she needs to go until its all over the floor.
So I'm going to research it just to see, I know it's not a huge thing to be worried about but Hubby has the impression that she needs to be potty trained by September for starting at the local nursery so I better go have a looksie...


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