Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Potty Training Day 2

Oh it started so well today, she peed on the floor then used the potty, then on the floor again and then in the potty again so we were evenly matched on her attempts to use the potty to her just not realising, then it all went downhill after that...But at least she managed to use it twice again today, tomorrow will be interesting as its playgroup in the morning so I'm wondering if she's going to try and go there.
But we decided that she has to use the potty 19 times in total for the upsy daisy doll, so its like a pound a go, and that's 4 attempts down so she hasn't got long to go now.
Plus Nanna's not coming until Saturday now so that gives us an extra day without too many disruptions.
And it also means I don't have to rush going to buy my paint on Friday yippee!


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