Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I know I'm Behind Again

Quick update:
I'm trying to sort out all my crap in my documents to change over my operating system, thinking Linux Mint but that might change by the time I'm ready to go ahead. And with 13gbs to sort through and compress its been taking ages. Then hubby came up with an idea to upload it all to media fire instead of discs but don't think that's going to work...Would take so long.
Finally sorted out the main bills to direct debit woohoo so don't have to worry about that anymore.
G had a week of peeing on the floor, think she had a potty phobia but she's over that now and she's doing really well again.
And we're getting ready for birthday's left right and centre, one in May,one in June 2 in July and mine in August (but that one can get swept under the carpet).
The gardens almost done now too OH YEAH!!!
(Just realised that my images are all in zip files.So will post pic later)


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