Thursday, 21 May 2009

One of Those Days

Well the kids are asleep pretty early tonight, well I'm not surprised they've been little terrors for a few days now.
But then we have had an abundance of snot, and coughs oh and dub's 4th tooth is about ready to make an appearance...
So after a morning of chasing G away from climbing onto her table and onto the window ledge/fireguard.
"I just tidying the mantle piece"...
Then getting the play doh out for her so she can play with that and I can get some washing/ironing done its dub's turn to get nutty. He really doesn't like the steam coming out of the iron. And think the noises scare him, but he didn't last too long and was napping in a blink.
Oh and then I had to get some washing in because of rain then it cleared up and I had 2 loads to put on the line......
With about 5 items to put on the line it snaps!
All the clothes on WET MUD!
A few swears later and everything's in bags in the kitchen. I'm still too shocked to deal with it hope I won't have to wash it all AGAIN!
I might take a look before bed but might leave it until tomorrow. Lord knows where I'm going to put it all there's only so many radiators...


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