Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Been Kinda Lazy!

Well I have there's no two ways about it I have hardly done anything, apart from getting slowly addicted to G's DS...

And we did have some eventful days last week G fell over right outside school and is now sporting a lovely round graze, with a nice yellow tinge to it, she did do it on Thursday.

And then both the kids had their swine flu injections on the Friday, I got to sit in the waiting room while hubby took each of them in G was super brave and hardly cried but Dub cried a fair bit but then we had lost his dummy so he had new ones (and he doesn't like new ones).

We found the dummy on the Saturday he has a new hiding place on the top of the sofa behind the cushions...

I really need to do more of everything... Well maybe not eat so much but everything else I really need a jump start...


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