Saturday, 20 March 2010

Book 5: Finding Lost (Season 1 & 2)- Nikki Stafford

The first thing I have to say is Wow! I mean I like to think that I look beyond the obvious within the show but compared to Nikki Stafford I may as well be watching with my eyes shut.

Some of the things that she does bring to my attention make me wonder if the producers/ writers on the show are going to all this trouble to find out about all the biblical references and the I Ching just to mess with the viewer with the potential links that connect them or are they just super lucky and we the viewer are trying too hard to find hidden meanings ( a bit like how Nostradamus is vague but we can link it to stuff that's already taken place) and to make it more complex than we should. My bets on the first choice. Plus with the 6th and final season under way its nice to know there's a collection of unofficial guides out there to walk me through it all.

Especially when the two questions that niggle at me is

1. Why was Libbly in the mental asylum when Hurley was?


2. When Locke is on the phone to the dial a date Helen in season 1, is it the same Helen that he was engaged to and then lost? Is it the only way he can contact her now?

I know they are super profound and as I've been watching the 6th season I have a feeling that these deep questions are too menial to be answered...oh well.

Plus I don't need to ask the profound questions when I can go here and Jen is wonderful enough to write a very thorough review of each episode and because I'm in the UK I can read it before watching it so I know what I'm looking for even before I get there...Thanks Jen!!


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