Saturday, 21 March 2009

Potty Training

It's been going well daughter went 7 times yesterday on her potty and she's loving her Upsy Daisy doll.
Now we've upped the stakes a little and she's working towards some garden toys, so that gives hubby and me an incentive to get that garden finished too!
It's either going to be a sand pit, a water table or a wendy house for the next milestone, (probably all three eventually), so with the 7 yesterday and another 3 today she's well on the way to her next treat.
Although she still won't poop on the potty and I don't know if that's why we had a constipation issue today but ooh it was awful because she wanted to go but kept crying because it hurt her, I don't like to see her cry.
But she gets tomorrow off for her day out with granddad and the wife and then we'll be back on it on Sunday.


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