Thursday, 26 August 2010

Book 12 - Never Bite a Boy on a First Date by Tamara Summers

I really liked this, it was quirky and funny and as it was for 11+ (says a lot about my mental age, hehe) would appeal to most vampire fans.
Here's the backpage:
"When we found the guy and saw the holes in his neck, the cause of death was obvious.
"It wasn't me" I said,
"I make one mistake and suddenly every little vampire attack is my fault? That's so unfair!"
But it doesn't matter how much I protest, unless I can prove my innocence I'll be spending the next decade in a padded coffin. So now I'm on a mission to track down the real murderer. I've narrowed it down to three suspects.
All acting suspiciously.
All boys.
And all very cute..."


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