Thursday, 5 August 2010

A Crazy Few Weeks

Well as you already know the arrival of Little Ted draws ever closer and its been a manic few weeks since my last post on the subject. I thought I was going into Labor for a start with 4 weeks left to go which was pretty scary and got to spend the entire weekend in the hospital turned out it was just an infection that can set off early labour and really bad back ache from trapped wind due to Ted lying funny which was super nice of the little monkey. You can Click Here to read hubbys take on it, well the subsequent week anyway. It was nice having to take it easy though and hubby cut off all my hair so now its a super short bob cut and totally less hot and sweaty which is really good when your as big as a house and the weathers been super warm.
Then we had Dub's birthday which comprised of three days of family visits starting with the mother in law which got me a little angry to say the least after she made me feel completely stupid and I even felt so bad I apologised to her even though I shouldn't have.
The reason being that Richard, my hubby had gone out early morning to get some last minute bits and bobs for Dubs birthday and came home feeling sick so I tried and tried to call M.I.L. on her mobile to ask her to make her own way to our house on the bus.
( She's the only family member that needs picking up from anywhere and I don't know why because I know for a fact she can get here by herself because she managed it a bit ago leaving Hubby waiting for her at the train station not knowing where she was until she turned up at the house.)
Anyway I kept trying to call her and it kept going to voicemail. The train arrival time came and went and it wasnt until FORTY FIVE minutes later that she calls us to ask where Richard is and complains that she doesn't know which bus to get on and that shes just missed one and that she's had to walk to the other end of the station, which I thought she meant to use a payphone I felt so bad I apologised and then Hubby checked the number and she had only rang from her mobile after all. And then later once she had been in the house a while she said that her phone didn't show any missed calls trying to make me out to be a big fat liar when all the while Richard was sat there, and he did see me try to call her a lot so she looked a little silly for that.
After that my sister came to visit on the tuesday and then Grandad and his wife came on the Wednesday, my mum didn't come because she had given Dub his gifts the weekend I was in hospital. Here's hubbys take on it Click Here
And that almost brings us up to date.
Well I had my birthday yesterday and for the second year in a row I had a tooth issue, Yep I got an infection and been in pain since the weekend but at least got some antibiotics from the dentist on Monday and now I can almost eat properly again and the swellings almost gone down on the side of my face, still hurts like hell though but at least I can leave the house without being chased with flaming torches and pitchforks.


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