Thursday, 5 August 2010

Book 11- Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite

Phew this book was quite heavy going and was a lot darker than some stories I've read recently. It still had the Vampire theme but I liked the way Brite decided to make them into another race from humans and take away the preconceptions of vampires biting and blood rituals to turn others into their kind. It made a refreshing change to have their angst focused elsewhere instead of the searching for the perfect human to transform them into their eternal companion. But by taking that notion away Brite gave them the ability to procreate so also giving them the posibility for a choice in whether to procreate or not but maybe its just me being overly observant but the idea of contraception was never discussed within. I don't think it would have helped the plot any and since most vampires wouldn't care less about it I guess it probably would have been silly to include it.
It was a very refreshing read nevertheless. Here's the back page:
"In the French Quarter of New Orleans the Mardi Gras revellers concealed a group of pleasure-seekers who preferred to wear black. For Zillah, Molochai and Twig the party had been going on for centuries, fuelled by sexual frenzy, green Chartreuse and a cocktail of vodka and innocent blood.
Nothing was born in horror and brought up in suburban Maryland. Even before he ran away to find his true hone, he suspected he was different from other teenagers. And when he had his first taste of human blood, he knew he was right.
Ghost was a visionary singer of the band Lost Souls? When Nothing was drawn into Zillah's fatal circle, Ghost had to decide whether he should try to save the boy from himself- or abandon him to his bloody birthright"


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