Saturday, 25 October 2008

Update To Rain Stopped Play

Well I've found some canvas board its for oils and I'm painting in acrylics but I need something to take with me on Wednesday so I thought I'll give it a whirl, it feels a bit sticky so I don't think I'll be able to sell them...

i was going to use them to paint oil paintings of the kids for the relatives but now we're going to get a family portrait done and I've been making some calenders and photo diaries on line. Should be able to buy them in a couple of weeks and if they're any good then that's what they'll get every xmas.

If not I can always make them little photo scrapbooks every year. Already get our daughter drawing and painting pictures for them to put in frames as like a little extra present. She's very good at it already, the other day I got her painting and one of them actually looked like a boat and another looked like a snail. Not bad for 2 and a half.


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