Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Well I'm officially super tired, hopefully I'll find a little bit of reserves for cooking tomorrow. I can't wait to see what the kids have got. Hopefully not too many clothes, I've already wrote a list of useful stuff that everyone can buy me next year. I just wish I was that organised for everything.
Well we're going to need to get some more crates for kids toys, well we needed to get more anyway, and after watching teleshopping the other morning I realised that those vacuum bags are good for soft toys. So what with my mum sending all my old teddies and some I can get some of those, wash all the toys then throw them in until I decide to either donate them or to use them to make something else.
Oh yeah for those of you that are interested, I didn't go to see Twilight because:
A)Our kids kept me up most of the night so going into a dark room would have meant instant sleep,
B)Its only just opened here and it would be soooo busy
C)Sister can come back in the new year and we can go then so not much of a loss when I'll still get to go eventually.
oh and the
D)Hubby's toothache, he didn't get the tooth removed because he has appointments for that at the end of January so he got more antibiotics.
Hopefully he'll be able to eat his body mass in Yorkshire puddings seeing as there's about that many in the freezer.


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