Thursday, 25 December 2008

Nervous Breakdown at 5am

Well thats Christmas for another year and crikey am I tired...

It all started at 4.30 am, we all went downstairs to open gifts, daughter was going pretty fast (although it did take her until almost 7am to finish opening them all). Then about half past five we noticed that she was just sat there, hubby said she was having a nervous breakdown. We avoided a total blowout by daddy issuing hugs and kisses and she was ok and got stuck in the thick of it again. We had a few moments where daughter thought sons toys were more interesting or wanted to open sons presents instead of her own. And in the end there were just too many presents so daddy had to open the rest for her.

She got a little crazy as time went on as she wanted to play with the play doh we bought her but she had to wait until after lunch for that. But the bubbles were played with in the garden. Not for long mind because she kept falling over. She tried to do a bunk upstairs only once though which was impressive taking with her her pocoyo dvd to watch but managed to get her to come back downstairs nice and calmly for her lunch. Then we went upstairs to watch the three musketeers (mickey mouse) hoping she'd nap but nope no sleep for her.

Went back downstairs and hubby was nearly asleep on the sofa so we did play doh in the kitchen and then it was 4.30 pm and she fell asleep on the change mat. Son was good he had a few naps today and fell straight to sleep so hopefully I might get some much needed sleep tonight (if I'm lucky).


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