Monday, 29 December 2008

Resolutions Anyone?

Well its almost upon us...

Yep won't be long before its 2009 and how long will it take you to get the date right when your writing cheques or paying in at the bank...

Its usually about May for me hehe...

Anyway have you all decided what you will be giving up/trying to achieve in 2009. Personally I would love to drop about 4 stone ( she says whilst munching on chocolate), I have very bad will power when it comes to food, just ask my hubby...thats why he does the food shopping now.

So I thought I would go with something a little more realisti and obtainable which is to enter as many open exhibitions as I can this year. Even if I only enter one that will be a start and one better than 2008.

To get the ball rolling I have the January edition of "The Artist" magazine with a list of exhibitions going on throughout the country. I've had a little look and am already wondering how I will manage it. O.k so the local gallery in Hull holds one every year so I had better enter that one, but with the others dotted around the country I'm beginning to have doubts on how I will manage to get the work to the galleries in question. Obviously travelling up and down the country dropping off a painting here and a painting there is out of the question. Especially with no car and 2 teeny weenies in tow. So I think a whole bunch of emails will have to be sent out this week making enquiries, as I don't want to get the forms and fill them in to be told I have to get to London to drop the painting off in person...

Plus with the different types of categories within all the exhibitions it would cost me a fair bit in supplies, but the challenge to do landscapes and portraits in a variety of mediums would be very exciting. Hmmm maybe if I don't manage to enter any of the exhibitions I could still make a piece of work within those fields just to see how it goes.

So thats mine...What's yours???


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